About ARCL

Founded in late 2001, American Recreational League (ARL) is one of the earliest cricket leagues established in the Northwest. As the goal was recreational cricket, several non-stringent rules of the international version were introduced. Some of them being, the cricket ball was substituted by a hard tennis ball, only 8 players formed a team instead of the traditional 11, LBWs did not result in a loss in wickets.

Just 3 years after its inception, ARL introduced a women's tennis ball cricket division, making it the first and only league in the country to have a Women’s league.

In a period of 10 years, ARL expanded from a single division of men's cricket to 12 such divisions, with teams promoted and demoted based on performance. ARL today proudly boasts of 90+ teams in the ongoing 2012 Summer league.

In spite of the large number of teams, every team is given an opportunity to play a game once every week or two, at the most. ARL organizes games all over the suburbs of Seattle on different grounds.

Founded by 4 members -- Kal Raman, Mohammad Ilyas, Govi Bacthavachalu and Viknarajesh Shanmugasundaram, this league has come a long way in attaining the maturity and professionalism of some of the well-known leagues in the country. It is now coordinated by several members from playing teams -- Arif Mohammad, Debbie Furtado, Faisal Baqai, Hyma Raman, Ilyas Mohammad, Prakash Mamidi, Salman Zafar, Shadab Beg and Yogita Manghnani

ARL is a non-profit organization and it's mission is to promote the spirit of fun in the face of healthy competition through the game of Cricket.

Previous members who had served in ARCL -- Anand Kancherla, Anand Vaidyanathan, April Bricker, Ghazni Ahmed, Govi Bacthavachalu, Kal Raman, Priya Ghate, Sangita Jayaraman, Vikas Singh, Viknarajesh Shanmugasundaram, Vishwa Gaddamanugu, Vishwanath Manchikalapati

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