General League FAQ

1. How do I join a team?

All the teams are looking for players of all levels. To get started you can mail We will guide you to the right place.

2. How do I register a team?

ARCL conducts 2 - 3 leagues every year. If you have enough players you can register your team at the start of any league. Please contact: to find out league start dates.

3. How much is the registration fee for a tennis ball team?

Contact ARCL for details.

4. Where should I play these matches?

All the matches will be held in various grounds. Check your game's schedule.

5. How long will it take to finish a match?

All the matches are 16 overs a side. Games start in the morning or in the afternoon. These matches will be played only during the weekends.

6. Do you have any awards for the Champions?

We have awards for the champions, runner-up, best batsman, best bowler etc!!!

7. Can I play for two different teams?

No player can play for more than one team in the league. They can change sides for the next league.

Website FAQ

1. How do I login?

Click the Login link on the top right corner. Enter your team's Username and Password (If you do not have one, please mail ARCL to get one). Once Logged in, you will be automatically routed to your team links.

2. How can I upload my team's scorecard?

Once logged in, you can click on the UploadScorecard link. You can only upload a .txt file.
  • If you used the palm to score, and have a .pdb file, download and save the PCrick Exe. Open the scorecard .pdb file in it and click on the Export to Excel menu option.
  • If you did not use the palm, and tracked the scores manually, then enter the scores in the excel spreadsheet in the format at: Excel-Upload scorecard format
  • Once it's in excel format, save it as a tab-delimited text file.
  • Upload it on the Upload Scorecard Page. If you encouter errors that you do not understand and cannot fix, please mail ARCL Scorecard
Note: Since this is a tab delimited file, any updates directly to this txt file can affect the format. So please make your updates in the Excel file and not in the .txt file.

3. How can I update my player's name across all scorecards for stats purposes?

Login and click on the ‘Update Player’ link. You should use this link only if you want to change player names on all the scorecards in this league. If you need to change the name on only one scorecard, then you need to update the scorecard and re-upload it prior to the scorecard upload deadline.

4. Where can I find contacts to all the teams?

Once you login, you can view it on the team links page.

5. Where can I give feedback or suggestions on the site?

Send a mail to ARCL Suggestions

5. Where can I see and answer the Polls from ARCL?

Check it out on: ARCL Polls.