Spring 2012 - Div E

Sidewinders - Spring 2012 - Div E Champions

Sidewinders - Spring 2012 - Div E Champions
Team NameRankPlayedWonLostDrawAbdnPenaltyPointsAverageNRRComments
Sidewinders 197200018120.110.82League Champions Champions
Turbos 295400016418.220.93Runners-up
The Dons 384400011914.880.043rd Place
Seattle Indians 484400011714.630.29lost semis
8 Idiots 574300011316.14-0.22 
The Boss 673400010314.710.13 
ChakdePhatte 773400107310.43-0.50 
TryCatchThrowFinally 8716000507.14-1.60 

Division Stars

Quarter Final Standings
Sidewinders League Champions Champions
Turbos Runners-up
The Dons 3rd Place

Best Batsman

Kapil Kapur Sidewinders

Best Bowler

Santhosh Pillai Sidewinders

Best All Rounder

Sankar Seattle Indians 12211 Seattle Indians