Registration confirmations

If you are registering a new team or have changed your team name, please send a mail with your new team name (and old, in case of a rename), to: scorecard to get a password for your team login.

Returning Teams Registered

 Force XIApproved
 seattle indian cricketersApproved
Div. AbelieversApproved
Div. ABellevueBoyzApproved
Div. AbluesApproved
Div. ABouncersApproved
Div. ACerealKillersApproved
Div. AchampionsApproved
Div. AChennai WarriorsApproved
Div. ACoconut ThievesApproved
Div. ACricket GunsApproved
Div. Afatehcc-falconzApproved
Div. Afatehcc-mavericksApproved
Div. ALastsamuraisApproved
Div. AMaster BlastersApproved
Div. ASidewindersApproved
Div. AspartansApproved
Div. AstrykersApproved
Div. ASundayCricketClubApproved
Div. AThe OppositionApproved
Div. ATorpedoesApproved
Div. AtrycatchthrowfinallyApproved
Div. AturbosApproved
Div. Avictorious secretApproved
Div. BAll-RoundersApproved
Div. BavengersApproved
Div. BbingApproved
Div. Bbulls iApproved
Div. BCross Street HooligansApproved
Div. BcrushersApproved
Div. Bdaredevils ccApproved
Div. BExpediansApproved
Div. BfubarApproved
Div. BgillyApproved
Div. BIncrediblzApproved
Div. BjootApproved
Div. BLegion Of DhoomApproved
Div. BRedmond IndiansApproved
Div. BSarfaroshApproved
Div. BSnipersApproved
Div. BtakbeerApproved
Div. Bthe dark knightsApproved
Div. BthunderApproved
Div. BVery Tough TeamApproved
Div. BXtremersApproved
Div. ByaaronApproved
Div. Cbing-chargersApproved
Div. CCanadian TigersApproved
Div. CcheetahsApproved
Div. CcompanyApproved
Div. CDabangDashersApproved
Div. CDowntown RowdiesApproved
Div. Cgreat 8Approved
Div. CkiraakApproved
Div. ClwccApproved
Div. COctagonApproved
Div. CredhawksApproved
Div. Cseattle gemsApproved
Div. CSeattle KingsApproved
Div. CSeattle Super KingsApproved
Div. CSeattleJaguarsApproved
Div. CslammersApproved
Div. CStealthApproved
Div. CSuper FIT WarriorsApproved
Div. CTeam-MIBApproved
Div. Cthe donsApproved
Div. CThe OctaviansApproved
Div. CThe Ultimate WarriorsApproved
Div. CUndertakersApproved
Div. Cwe8Approved
Div. DchargersApproved
Div. DcrichawksApproved
Div. DDabangg RegimentApproved
Div. DDeadly AvengersApproved
Div. DDesi BullsApproved
Div. DdesiboyzApproved
Div. DFatehCC-GladiatorsApproved
Div. DHASHApproved
Div. DHitmenApproved
Div. DhitmenApproved
Div. DhuntersApproved
Div. Diron men 8Approved
Div. DLegacyApproved
Div. DLucky StrikersApproved
Div. DomkarasApproved
Div. DOxyMoronsApproved
Div. DPirates of SeattleApproved
Div. Dsidewinders reloadedApproved
Div. DSuper FIT StarsApproved
Div. Dteam gryphonApproved
Div. DThunderBoltzApproved
Div. DUnder DogsApproved
Div. DWashington CricketersApproved
Div. DwolfpackApproved
Div. Eback breakersApproved
Div. EDesi BalleboyzApproved
Div. EDRRApproved
Div. EHit and RunApproved
Div. EkingfisherApproved
Div. EPower PlayApproved
Div. ERed SeaApproved
Div. ERedWest RockersApproved
Div. EsunrisersApproved
Div. ESuper FIT ChallengersApproved
Div. ESuper StrikersApproved

New Teams Registered

create excitementApproved
cric knightsApproved
indian cricketers b (icb)Approved
kachra boyzApproved
lazy guysApproved
osom 8Approved
redmond samuraisApproved
Seattle PrimeApproved
sheirokom teamApproved
super fit stallionsApproved
the eliminatorsApproved
winning by accidentApproved