Registration confirmations

If you are registering a new team or have changed your team name, please send a mail with your new team name (and old, in case of a rename), to: scorecard to get a password for your team login.

Returning Teams Registered

 Redmond SAMURAISApproved
Div AavengersApproved
Div AbelieversApproved
Div AbellevueboyzApproved
Div AbluesApproved
Div ABouncersApproved
Div ACerealKillersApproved
Div AChennai WarriorsApproved
Div Acoconut thievesApproved
Div ACricket GunsApproved
Div ACross Street HooligansApproved
Div AdabangdashersApproved
Div AExpediansApproved
Div AFatehCC-AryansApproved
Div AFatehCC-FalconZApproved
Div AFatehCC-KhalifaApproved
Div AFatehCC-mavericksApproved
Div AfubarApproved
Div AjootApproved
Div ARedmond IndiansApproved
Div AsarfaroshApproved
Div AsidewindersApproved
Div AThe OppositionApproved
Div ATryCatchThrowFinallyApproved
Div AWe8Approved
Div BBulls IApproved
Div BCanadian TigersApproved
Div BCrushersApproved
Div BDowntown RowdiesApproved
Div Bfatehcc-blazersApproved
Div BgillyApproved
Div BHASHApproved
Div BIncrediblzApproved
Div BIRON MEN 8Approved
Div BLegion Of DhoomApproved
Div BMaster BlastersApproved
Div BPower PlayApproved
Div BSeattle Super KingsApproved
Div BspartansApproved
Div BtakbeerApproved
Div Bteam-mibApproved
Div BThe Dark Knights Approved
Div Bthe sloggersApproved
Div BTorpedoesApproved
Div BTurbosPending
Div BUndertakersApproved
Div BXtremersApproved
Div BYaaronPending
Div CcheetahsApproved
Div CCricHawksApproved
Div CcrickchampsApproved
Div Cdaredevils ccPending
Div CIndian HawksApproved
Div CJai Ho!Approved
Div CLastsamuraisApproved
Div CLucky StrikersApproved
Div CLucky StrikersApproved
Div CredhawksApproved
Div CSeattle GemsApproved
Div CSeattle KingsApproved
Div CslammersApproved
Div CslammersApproved
Div CStealthPending
Div CsunrisersApproved
Div Csuper fit warriorsApproved
Div CSuper StrikersApproved
Div Cthe avengersApproved
Div Cthe donsApproved
Div CThe OctaviansApproved
Div CThe Ultimate WarriorsApproved
Div CthunderApproved
Div CThunderBoltzApproved
Div CWashington CricketersApproved
Div CwolfpackApproved
Div Dall-roundersApproved
Div DchargersApproved
Div DCompanyApproved
Div DCric KnightsApproved
Div DEXpendablesApproved
Div DkiraakApproved
Div DLegacyApproved
Div DmyrmidonsApproved
Div DoctagonApproved
Div DomkarasApproved
Div DPirates of SeattleApproved
Div DpitchhikersApproved
Div DScorpionsApproved
Div DSeattleJaguarsApproved
Div Dsidewinders reloadedApproved
Div DSound8Approved
Div DSuper FIT StarsApproved
Div DSwing n DriveApproved
Div DTeam GryphonApproved
Div DVery Tough TeamApproved
Div EAppatuckersApproved
Div Eback breakersApproved
Div EBATMENApproved
Div Ec-hawksApproved
Div EDabangg RegimentApproved
Div EDesi BalleboyzApproved
Div EEight MusketersApproved
Div EFight Club 2Approved
Div EhitmenApproved
Div Eindian imperialsApproved
Div ELWCCApproved
Div EPscc elitesApproved
Div ESeattle SpartansApproved
Div ESheirokom TeamApproved
Div ESpotFixersApproved
Div EStunnersApproved
Div ESuper Fit ChallengersApproved
Div ESuper FIT StallionsApproved
Div EWeekend WarriorsApproved
Div EWhatsUpApproved
Div EWin RunnersPending
Div FCricket CZARsApproved
Div FExtreme HittersApproved
Div Ffatehcc-patriotsPending
Div FHell BoyzApproved
Div FhuntersApproved
Div FIndian White WalkersApproved
Div FKhiladiApproved
Div FPhoenixApproved
Div FRising StrikersApproved
Div FSeattle PrimePending
Div Fsharabi cricketersApproved
Div FStrikersApproved
Div FTargaryensPending
Div FthunderbirdsApproved
Div FTitansApproved
Div FUnicornsApproved
Div GarslanApproved
Div GBellevue BeastsApproved
Div GBellevue supersixsPending
Div GBelltown BaazigarsApproved
Div GdeadpoolApproved
Div GFirehawksApproved
Div GGangstasApproved
Div GIndiawaaleApproved
Div GLAGAANApproved
Div GRoyal StrikersApproved
Div GSeattle DevilsApproved
Div GSmashersApproved
Div GSouth Cricket ClubApproved
Div GswingersApproved
Div GTeam8Pending
Div GThe EliminatorsApproved
Div GThe Sons of PitchesPending
Div GTooFunApproved
Div GUnexceptionalApproved
Div GVarutha Padatha Valibar SangamApproved
Div GWhite WalkersApproved
Kids AHawksApproved

New Teams Registered

Angry BullsApproved
Azure DragonsApproved
Dynamic 8Approved
Hyderabad BluesApproved
Indian RebelsApproved
Raising StartsApproved
Seattle LionsApproved
Sidewinders OverloadedApproved
Team BlitzApproved