Registration confirmations

If you are registering a new team or have changed your team name, please send a mail with your new team name (and old, in case of a rename), to: scorecard to get a password for your team login.

Returning Teams Registered

 South Cricket ClubApproved
 coconut thievesApproved
 crushers Approved
 pscc blizzardsApproved
 Redmond RobinsApproved
 Plateau HawksApproved
Div AAvengers Approved
Div ABelieversApproved
Div AbellevueboyzApproved
Div ABluesApproved
Div Acanadian tigersApproved
Div Acerealkillers Approved
Div AChennai WarriorsApproved
Div ACricket GunsApproved
Div Across street hooligansApproved
Div AdabangdashersApproved
Div AFatehCC-FalconzApproved
Div AFatehcc-MavericksApproved
Div AFatehCC-WizardsApproved
Div AfubarApproved
Div AJootApproved
Div Amaster blastersApproved
Div Aredmond indiansApproved
Div Asarfarosh Approved
Div Asidewinders Approved
Div ASunrisersApproved
Div AThe OppositionApproved
Div ATryCatchThrowFinallyApproved
Div Awe8Approved
Div AxtremersApproved
Div BbingApproved
Div BbouncersApproved
Div BCrickChampsApproved
Div BDowntown RowdiesApproved
Div BExpediansApproved
Div BexpendablesApproved
Div BgillyApproved
Div Bindian hawksApproved
Div Blastsamurais Approved
Div Blegion of dhoom Approved
Div Bpower playApproved
Div Bseattle super kingsApproved
Div BSeattleJaguarsApproved
Div Bsuper fit warriorsApproved
Div BTakbeerApproved
Div Bthe avengersApproved
Div Bthe dark knights Approved
Div Bthe donsApproved
Div BThe SloggersApproved
Div BturbosApproved
Div BUndertakersApproved
Div CBulls IApproved
Div Ccheetahs Approved
Div Cdaredevils ccApproved
Div CFatehCC-BlazersApproved
Div Cincrediblz Approved
Div Ciron men 8Approved
Div Clucky strikersApproved
Div CmyrmidonsApproved
Div CPitchHikersApproved
Div Cpscc elitesApproved
Div CRedHawksApproved
Div CscorpionsApproved
Div CSlammersApproved
Div Csuper fit stallionsApproved
Div Csuper strikersApproved
Div Cswing n driveApproved
Div Cteam-mibApproved
Div Cthe octavians Approved
Div Cthunder Approved
Div CthunderboltzApproved
Div CtorpedoesApproved
Div CWashington CricketersApproved
Div CyaaronApproved
Div DBATMENApproved
Div DCompanyApproved
Div DCric KnightsApproved
Div Dcrichawks Approved
Div Ddabangg regiment Approved
Div Ddesi balleboyzApproved
Div Dkachra boyz Approved
Div DkiraakApproved
Div DlegacyApproved
Div DomkarasApproved
Div Dpirates of seattleApproved
Div DraftaarApproved
Div DSeattle GemsApproved
Div Dseattle spartansApproved
Div DSheirokom TeamApproved
Div Dsidewinders reloadedApproved
Div Dsound8Approved
Div DStunnersApproved
Div Dsuper fit challengers Approved
Div Dsuper fit starsApproved
Div Dteam gryphon Approved
Div Dunicorns Approved
Div DVery Tough TeamApproved
Div DWolfpackApproved
Div EAll-RoundersApproved
Div EappatuckersApproved
Div EBack BreakersApproved
Div Ec-hawks Approved
Div EChargersApproved
Div Ecricket czarsApproved
Div Eeight musketersApproved
Div Eextreme hittersApproved
Div Efight club 2Approved
Div Ehunters Approved
Div Eindian imperials Approved
Div Elagaan Approved
Div ELWCCApproved
Div Erenton dare devilsApproved
Div ESeattle KingsApproved
Div Esharabi cricketersApproved
Div ESIC- DestroyersApproved
Div Espotfixers Approved
Div Esuper kings returns Approved
Div EthunderbirdsApproved
Div EtitansApproved
Div EWeekend WarriorsApproved
Div EWhatsupApproved
Div Ewin runnersApproved
Div Fangry bullsApproved
Div FBellevue Supersixs Approved
Div Fbelltown baazigarsApproved
Div Fblackout cc Approved
Div FdeadpoolApproved
Div Fdesi-hawks Approved
Div FfirehawksApproved
Div FgangstasApproved
Div Fhell boyz Approved
Div FHitmenApproved
Div Fhyderabad bluesApproved
Div FindiawaaleApproved
Div FkhiladiApproved
Div Forange army Approved
Div Fp.kApproved
Div Fphoenix Approved
Div Froyal challengers bellevueApproved
Div Fseattle devilsApproved
Div Fseattle primeApproved
Div Fsidewinders overloadedApproved
Div Ftargaryens Approved
Div FVarutha Padatha Valibar SangamApproved
Div Fwhite walkers Approved
Div Gdynamic 8Approved
Div GlavishlegendsApproved
Div GmitmoApproved
Div Groyal strikersApproved
Div GSeattle LionsApproved
Div GswingersApproved
Div GTeam BlitzApproved
Div GTeam8Approved
Div GTooFunApproved
Div Gunexceptional Approved
Kids ABoltzApproved
Kids AhawksApproved
Kids APhantomsApproved
Kids APSYApproved
Kids ASammamish SpartansApproved
Kids Awoodbridge kidsApproved
Kids BcoltsApproved
Kids BPhantomsApproved
Kids BTendulkarsApproved
Kids Bwoodbridge kidsApproved
Kids CCPCCApproved
Kids CKnightsApproved
Kids CPikachoosApproved
Kids CRedmond Ridge WarriorzApproved
Kids CSpectreApproved
Kids CSuper SixersApproved
Kids DcoltsApproved
Kids DPS Lightning SpearApproved

New Teams Registered

bellevue patriotsApproved
bellevue starsApproved
Blue WarriorsApproved
coconut thieves - lionsApproved
Cubs SixersApproved
deccan boyzApproved
Master MindsApproved
Northern ThunderApproved
pscc ridersApproved
renton renegadesApproved