Spring 2012 - Div A

Team Stats

Umpiring assignments

DateTimeGroundTeam1Team2Umpire1Umpire2Match TypeDivison
Sunday 03/11/201211:00 AMMS Ground #3BellevueBoyzFatehCC-ChallengersThe Oppositionbatting sideLeagueDiv A
Sunday 04/29/20125:00 PMRon RegisStrykersFatehCC-ChallengersThe Oppositionbatting sideLeagueDiv A
Saturday 05/19/20123:30 PMRon RegisFatehCC-WizardsBellevueBoyzThe Oppositionbatting sideLeagueDiv A
Sunday 06/10/20126:00 PMShoreline GroundFatehCC-ChallengersFatehCC-WizardsThe Oppositionbatting sideLeagueDiv A


TeamOppositionMatch TypeMatch DateMatch TimeGroundResultPoints
The Opposition FatehCC-Falconz LeagueSunday 03/11/20128:30 AMMS Ground #3 The Opposition Won 23
The Opposition FatehCC-Wizards LeagueSunday 03/25/20128:30 AMRon Regis The Opposition Won 28
The Opposition FatehCC-Bindaaz LeagueSunday 04/15/20122:30 PMMS Ground #3 (Pitch 4) FatehCC-Bindaaz Won 4
The Opposition BellevueBoyz LeagueSunday 04/29/20122:30 PMRon Regis BellevueBoyz Won 7
The Opposition Strykers LeagueSunday 05/13/20127:45 AMMS Ground #5 Strykers Won 9
The Opposition FatehCC-Challengers LeagueSaturday 05/19/20126:00 PMRon Regis FatehCC-Challengers Won 6
The Opposition Bouncers LeagueSunday 06/10/20123:30 PMShoreline Ground The Opposition Won 28

Batting (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsRunsBallsFoursSixsStrike Rate
Sunny Dhuri 486The Opposition71409982141.41
Sunny Mistry 487The Opposition7929160101.1
Rohit Galwankar 484The Opposition6856620128.79
Vikrant Jaykar 490The Opposition3542620207.69
Mehul Sutariya 7654The Opposition632580055.17
Ujesh Nambiar 488The Opposition717181094.44
Rucheek Sangani 485The Opposition7151500100
Sreekar Tanuku 13878The Opposition39120075
Deepak Yavagal 481The Opposition47120058.33
Rohit Khatri 11402The Opposition230000
Naren Chainani 8171The Opposition1120050
Saurabh Baji 12703The Opposition3120050

Bowling (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEco Rate
Ujesh Nambiar 488The Opposition726.0001199134.58
Rohit Galwankar 484The Opposition622.00068883.09
Deepak Yavagal 481The Opposition415.000636104.20
Rucheek Sangani 485The Opposition717.8001215246.80
Sunny Dhuri 486The Opposition39.500572286.00
Sunny Mistry 487The Opposition14.000191194.75
Vikrant Jaykar 490The Opposition36.000171172.83
Mehul Sutariya 7654The Opposition11.0004004.00
Rohit Khatri 11402The Opposition11.0007007.00