Fall 2023 - Div E

Team Stats

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Umpiring assignments


TeamOppositionMatch TypeMatch DateMatch TimeUmpire1Umpire2GroundResultPoints
Fathecc Legends Cheetahs LeagueSaturday 07/29/20239:00 AMSuper Kings Returnsbatting sideRedmond Ridge Park -- Soccer Field (Pitch 1) Fathecc Legends Won 23
Fathecc Legends The Avengers LeagueSunday 08/06/202310:00 AMUnExceptionalbatting sideCentral Park Field #1 (Pitch 1) Fathecc Legends Won 27
Fathecc Legends Outliers LeagueSaturday 08/26/20234:00 PMThe Avengersbatting sideCentral Park Field #2 (Pitch 4) fathecc legends Won 20
Fathecc Legends Super Kings Returns LeagueSaturday 09/09/20234:30 PMThe Ultimate Warriorsbatting sideHidden Valley Park Field 1 Fathecc Legends Won 25
Fathecc Legends Da-Bangs LeagueSunday 09/17/20234:30 PMThe Avengersbatting sideKlahanie Park Fathecc Legends Won 23
Fathecc Legends UnExceptional LeagueSaturday 10/07/20234:30 PMCheetahsbatting sideHidden Valley Park Field 1 UnExceptional Won 8
Fathecc Legends The Ultimate Warriors LeagueSunday 10/22/202311:30 AMDa-Bangsbatting sideKlahanie Park fathecc legends Won 25
Fathecc Legends Super Kings Returns Quarter FinalsSunday 10/29/202310:30 AMSwingKingsSeattle WarhogsNorth Robinswood Park Fathecc Legends Won 24
Fathecc Legends Bellevue Indians Semi FinalsSunday 11/12/20231:00 PMTwelves Gladiatorsbatting sideGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 2 (Pitch 3) Fathecc Legends Won 25
Fathecc Legends SwingKings FinalsSunday 11/19/20232:00 PMPeaky BlindersTwelves GladiatorsGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 3) fathecc legends Won 26

Batting (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsRunsBallsFoursSixsStrike Rate
Srikanth Peddisetti 62517Fathecc Legends91401963071.43
Raghvendra Singh 62521Fathecc Legends611411451100
Utkarsh Nigam 64210Fathecc Legends10931322070.45
Chintan Khatri 62520Fathecc Legends3755044150
Yaswanth T 38957Fathecc Legends545640070.31
Arun Saxena 62860Fathecc Legends735461076.09
Rahul Dev Prabhu 57358Fathecc Legends5343330103.03
Hrishikesh Rao 63385Fathecc Legends426392066.67
Siddiqui Zain 62519Fathecc Legends518390046.15
Manoj Kumar Varma 64525Fathecc Legends315350042.86
Sai Charan Reddy 63386Fathecc Legends215340044.12
Himanshu Asati 64865Fathecc Legends38700114.29
Jignesh Rathod 41803Fathecc Legends15500100
Lokesh Kumar Bandi 65951Fathecc Legends44300133.33
Raja N Chanda 62523Fathecc Legends73110027.27
Ankur Rajput 65799Fathecc Legends3390033.33

Bowling (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEco Rate
Rahul Dev Prabhu 57358Fathecc Legends519.20166973.44
Raghvendra Singh 62521Fathecc Legends621.201929104.34
Lokesh Kumar Bandi 65951Fathecc Legends513.00078896.00
Raja N Chanda 62523Fathecc Legends617.10069794.04
Arun Saxena 62860Fathecc Legends619.000937134.89
Himanshu Asati 64865Fathecc Legends310.10033653.27
Hrishikesh Rao 63385Fathecc Legends312.000413133.42
Yaswanth T 38957Fathecc Legends23.00015275.00
Jignesh Rathod 41803Fathecc Legends13.00111253.67
Siddiqui Zain 62519Fathecc Legends515.000601604.00
Chintan Khatri 62520Fathecc Legends11.0003003.00
Utkarsh Nigam 64210Fathecc Legends49.10041004.51
Manoj Kumar Varma 64525Fathecc Legends11.000100010.00
Ankur Rajput 65799Fathecc Legends23.00013004.33